Leon Gurevitch

This site details design and research, focused on applied design sociology of science and technology. These projects showcase visual and textual publications, exhibitions, public engagements and more.

Astro Data

Astro Data is a collaborative project with the Yale Lens Media Lab. Utilising the Flickr CC 100 Million image data and meta-dataset we have visualised and analysed the growing global field of astrophotography. 


Digital Workshops

The Digital Workshops of the World tracks the migration patterns of software, source code and tech skills across industry and around the world in order to map emergent relationships between labour and platform capitalism within and across geographies and software pipelines.  



Google Warming

Google Warming visualises earth environments and studies the impact of Google Earth's data structures  upon the presentation of  ecological destruction and disruption via resource extraction and consumption sites around the world.


Energy Architectures

Energy Architectures visualises energy and the conditions of its production and consumption though large scale gigapixel energyscape panoramas from across the world.


Astro Photo

Astrophoto features a collection of large scale gigapixel panoramas of night skies across the world. This work has featured in science centres across the UK, at the European Space Agency as part of the Space for Art Exhibition and in the New York Times


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Contains all design research and visual culture publications produced over the last two decades.

Published Research

Visual Essays

An ongoing library of visual essays produced to illustrate over fifteen years of research. Current material in production ranges from film, media and sociology publications through to current material in design, media and computational culture.

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VFX Research Network

The visual Effects Research Network gathers a leading collection of research and practice based scholars who work in the field of visual effects production and consumption.